What Does Content Mean To Me?

The content you provide is a crucial part of your personal brand. You could be as unique as could be. You could have the best niche possible. But without quality content, all that disappears from the equation. It all comes down to what you have to offer. No amount of marketing, speaking, or selling will work if you don’t have consumable content.

The Consumer

Fortunately, humans do not change. The type of content that people consume is, and will always be, based on what they need. What makes them feel good. What inspires them. People today love to be heard. As a result, social media is extremely popular. Facebook and Twitter are the two sites I use primarily. In my line of work (product promotion) these two sites are the most effective way for me to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, when I am planning an event, or informing the public about a new product line, Twitter and Facebook are my two primary sites.

Here’s The Event I Threw Last Night!

And My Twitter Profile!

People also love to laugh. Memes are one of the biggest internet trends in the world. Not only picture memes, but also GIF videos! I am among those guilty of meme-ing like… all the time. I love Chris Bosh memes. Chris is the center of the Miami Heat and is known for the… interesting faces he makes.


People call him “The Dinosaur.”

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Pretty much every NBA joke I make… Has something to do with Chris Bosh. …… Anyway, the point is, people love to laugh! And this is just the tip of the iceberg. People love to be inspired. People love to feel knowledgeable. People act solely based on how they feel. If you make a person feel good, they will be back for more.

The Creator

I will most likely not be going into a creative field, but content that I create will still be useful in other situations. During promotions for instance, I need to create an environment that people enjoy. And environment that will move people. Change their mind toward the product or company I am promoting. I LOVE creating humorous energetic, and fun content, be it speeches, parties, memes, internet posts, whatever. If the people I’m trying to reach see that I’m having fun, that is the most effective tool I could possibly use. EVERYONE loves to have fun. Unless your Ebenezer Scrooge, but even HE starting having fun at one point! If you’re having fun, then others will want to come have fun with you.

My Personal Brand

I would really like to make a twitter page for #MB30StLouis (my business network).  I think that with the right person tweeting, it could GREATLY enhance our social media presence. Also, my Facebook events need a special twist… maybe a door prize for whoever brings the most people? I’ll think of something. My niche… I’m not sure. I’m someone who could go around doing crazy stuff that normal people wouldn’t do and video log it. Like make a crazy bungee jumping video… I could die though… I don’t know if I like that. I’ll find something. It’s all good.

As far as educating people goes. That’s what I do now! When I promote something, I am educating people about it’s existence. When I find my perfect niche, I’ll be able to let people know no problem.

Real quick, here’s some of my favorite sites.

My Favorite Meme Creator

One Of My Favorite Workout Sites

…Youtube ^.^



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